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The Myth of Self-Esteem.
Weigh the truth, don't accept.It explains Branden's theories of human psychology, focusing on the role of self-esteem.New York: Crown Forum.He further connects this to feelings of guilt and depression, which he views as aspects of anxiety.177 a b Branden 2001,. .Instead he added an epilogue on "Working with Self-Esteem in Psychotherapy".Chapter 7: The Meaning of Self-Esteem 1, the book is divided into two parts.Self esteem is not based on achievements, however achievements are a result of self esteem.And from articles he wrote for The Objectivist, a magazine star wars battlefront 2 gameranger he and Rand co-edited.Emotions are not tools of cognition nor criteria of judgement - posses the will to efficacy.A person's sense of life underlies all his other feelings, all his emotional responses.Rand was Branden's mentor and former lover, but in 1968 she had broken off all relations with him.5)Living purposefully, in the realm of work, the primary desire of a man of self-confidence is to face challenges, to achieve and to grow; the primary desire of a man lacking self-confidence is to be "safe".Don't surrender your belief, don't do something that betrays your line of thought.The last problem he discusses is one he calls "social metaphysics which he describes as "the psychological syndrome that characterizes a person who holds the minds of other men, not objective reality, as his ultimate psycho-epistemological frame of reference." 4, the final chapter discusses psychotherapy.
9 In 2001, a thirty-second anniversary edition was published by Jossey-Bass, with a new introduction and epilogue by Branden.