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So positive, in fact, that much of the audience felt that it was a bit of a cop-out.
At the end of Terminator 3, John notes that the terminator's ceaseless dedication to fulfilling their mission taught him to never stop fighting.
While the first movie had the underlying theme of humans and machines at war, this movie is instead themed around humans themselves using machines for ill purposes, such as John using the sound of motorbike to blow off his foster mother, John using a hacking.If presented with positive values, even a Killer Robot can become warm and kind.It features a very prominent Nike tick.And so, to crush the resistance before it even starts, SkyNet begins sending increasingly advanced Terminators android assassins disguised as humans into the past to kill John Connor or his eventual mother, before he can lead humanity to victory.T3 and tscc also contradict his clear calendar date for the apocalypse.However, he and Sarah are still expected to father their son, which Sarah is convinced will still lead to Kyle's death."He's my Uncle Bob." There's even a shade of this in the original with the "Fuck you, asshole!" scene.It was an ongoing plotline in the TV series until halfway through the second season, and there are hints of it after that with a different terminator in the role of the pursuer but marvels agent of shield season 3 episode 9 that turns out to be a subversion, since Catherine Weaver.In Terminator 2: Judgment Day : Sarah Connor: "It John.Oddball in the Series : The first film due to its Horror themes, miniscule budget, featuring the T-800 as the main villain, and rigid rules on time travel.Genocide Backfire : Skynet wipes out most of humanity, but the survivors eventually destroy.SkyNet basically grows a human in a vat to about 1 year of age, implants it with cybernetics, control chips, and what have you, and puts the baby through Training From Hell until it's biologically an adult.In the new timeline as of Genisys, we're introduced to the T-3000 (an upgraded version of the T-1000 and T-X) as well as the T-5000, (with ranch rush 2 collector's edition crack the ability to turn humans into cyborgs ).Someone to Remember Him By : John, who was born after Reese's death.