sony connect player nw a1000

Transferring Music Transfer audio tracks from connect Player to the linux performance tuning and capacity planning pdf player.
Importing Music Import audio tracks of CDs into connect Player.
Notes Before transferring tracks or using the player for the first time, fully charge the battery.
Sony is not responsible for incomplete recording/downloading or damaged data due to problems of the player or computer.Pull the USB cable outward.In this manual, TM and marks are not specified.Is a trademark of Sony Corporation.Gracenote cddb Client Software, copyright Gracenote.Program 2005 Sony Corporation Documentation 2005 Sony Corporation On sample audio data The player is pre-installed with sample audio data so that ramadan 2014 dates canada you can try it out right away.The Do not disconnect message on the players display disappears when the transfer of the tracks finishes.The connect Player program starts.United States Patent 6,304,523.Connect Player and the connect Player logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.Depending on the types of the text and characters, the text shown on the player may not be displayed properly on device.Doing so may damage the player.This product and service may practice one or more of the following.S.Use of the music beyond this limit requires permission of the copyright holders.Press and hold the buttons on both sides, and then.Do not disconnect the USB cable from the player until the message disappears.If you import many tracks into connect Player at one time, retrieving the related track information may take a few minutes.Do not force the cable from the player.