shadow warrior 2013 walkthrough chapter 5

Take out the necro fast with a few rockets to the face, and the remainder of the monsters will become much more manageable.
Press the button and work through the explosive demonic balls.Wipe the demons out, then use xbox live account hacker v1.3.9 the path through the koi pond to get back to your car.If you feel like backtracking, you can find an extra blood vial near the beginning of the area.Circle the pool to the second office, protected by projectile-throwing demons.Jump onto the minigun turret on the boat to fight off one more demonic incursion and the shield around the statue will lift.Lo Wang is back to murder monsters in Shadow Warrior and weve got all the tips youll need to complete every old-school level.Grab em and get going underneath.Smash the statue and return to the locked door at the end of the path.Dodge to the left or right as he flings explosive projectiles your way, then return to the seal.The trusty shotgun can deal with them at point blank range.Aswang Hunger is very useful your Katana Mastery skills will heal Wang.As a reward for all that hard work, youll get the flamethrower down the followed hallway.First order of business escape!If you get caught, jump back.
Open the third seal, and the doors will open.
Grab the Ki Crystal in the room guarded by a handful of demons, then exit to the large temple down the dirt path.