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Everyone else is dead.
Around the time that the movies went to air however, Toei dropped DiC like the bad habit that they game world soccer winning eleven 10 international were, retained Optimum's handy-work, and then started up Cloverway/CWI Inc.
This is the same file crack battle vs chess series that finds no issue with 14 year old Makoto living on her own.I actually did open the Bible and read it a few times.(derived from a statement from Kousagi) Talking Cat Talking Cat Talking Cat (Well, I don't need to explain this one.) Nuclear Sugar Pink Freak Cat Cause that's not normal.) Pink Moon Kitty (Really now.) Moon Pink Kitty (I was unaware that that was a color.).The two share a very strained and distant relationship, since he was not there when her mother was sick.Sailor Pluto's heritage is never mentioned in any series.But it's loosely explained that without a true coronation, none of them are queens.Only anti-Sailor-V fans (read: hateful stalker Trolls) call me "cnse".The Amazoness Quartet are not seen in their Sailor Senshi form.AND before YOU GET ON ME about standards AND practices: Even Mamoru, Hawks-eye, Tiger's-eye and Helios had a slight "nubbin" drawn in during the rare times they were seen nude or close to nude.This was only a cover, as Chibiusa is of course Usagi and Mamoru's first born daughter.Haruka is a professional race car director player windows 7 driver, as well as a pianist.She actually does a better job destroying things!
First of all, Lita/Makoto did once have an un-named first love.
Is Sailor Moon Crystal promoting teen sex?