resident evil revelations 2 episode 2

Once outside, you'll 20 boy summer pdf retread the familiar path into town, but don't forget to break open the crate on the opposite side of the street.
When you climb down to the next area, you'll once again meet the Revenants.
Once Pedro's task is finished, enter the Fuel Depository and grab the Handgun Ammo from the barrel ahead.
There is a locked box on the second floor that contains a Parts Box with Scatter.There's also another barrel around the side of the house.You can find the Insect on the other side, as well as some ammo, and a locked box guarded by a Revenant on the adjacent building you can jump.There's a Cloth and an Odorous Chemical on the shelves towards the back of the bar, an Empty Bottle, two Decoy Bottles and a barrel containing a Firebomb Bottle in the adjacent room, plus a Fishing Village Map and a barrel containing some Handgun Ammo.Doing so will take a lot of firepower and patience, so it's up to you to fight or run.Once you're suitably tenorshare data recovery mac equipped, follow Gabe out of the front door, take a right and and help him open the main gate in the distance.Episode 3 Walkthrough here!A box on the other side of the chopper can be opened for a parts box with Damage.Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Ep 2: Head deeper into the town, defeat the barrel boss and find the tower.Turn around and approach the opposite wall with the big yellow sign, then glance to the left to uncover some hidden Handgun Ammo in the corner.The Glasp only takes a few shots to kill, but requires teamwork to aim before they get too close.When he falls, you'll be able to use the drill on the door at the ground level.Head over to the brick building that also has a stone door, and regroup with Pedro to ask him to drill through the door for you.Next Episode 3 - Judgement Previous Episode 1 - Penal Colony.Before long, however, you'll be given some distressing news and your adventure takes a much more frantic turn.Open 3 Moira boxes.Everthing you need to know about picking off invisible enemies - yes, really - and getting back to town.