ps3 game save resigner 1.4

Here to help because I no longer work on PS3 after.70.
2) If you get an error, you need to install msvr100.dll (Link Below).
If you mean the Save I used for the Resign that always corrupts, heres the links to it, ml Please respond with a more explanitory question of what you would like answered Last edited by JeoWay; at 02:05.
2) In the tabs, go to "Customized Profile Settings" 3) Go the options to "Enter Public Keys" 4) Enter in the Public Keys into the Correct Lines., public keys syscon_manager_key keygen_key savegame_param_sfo_key 0C08000E090504040D010F D03 fallback_disc_hash_key ) Press "Save Keys" (So you don't have to enter.(I have had this problem with Sound Shapes Game Save).16) Simply click "Resign" and use.17) Sometimes it still says corrupt after resign so you need to copy params.Have a great days., 01:11 AM #4 thx bro n you give specific examples of past ms office home and business 2013 oem game save sound shapes?I also liked this post, 12:01 AM #3, originally Posted by DerekDeckerboyyyy after reading this i realized that i was doing the process backwards.I use the Save Resigner.4 and it works without problem untill this week, I format my computer last week and put the Save Resigner again on my computer but now it doesn't work anymore.Download links msvr100.dll px?Now select "Resign and it MAY fix the corrupt issue.8) Either enter the values in yourself or load your param.I akvis artwork 6.0 keygen also liked this post That's why im here.Its hard to understand what you mean by "Save Game Sound Shapes?"?To start off, all tools and programs are linked at the end *requires.Net Framework 4 and msvr100.dll!* 1) Open up the Save Resigner.
Fixing corrupt issues ) Check the box of copy params of a specific game.
I am on the Vita now and i do this when I feel like.