paint dancers photoshop tutorial

Step 19 Create a mask for the contemporary pattern With the contemporary pattern layer selected, click on the button in the layers palette to add a layer mask.
To finish the effect, choose Filter Noise Median.Now erase some areas of your circle the donkeys excelsior lady as in the image below.Create a new layer below the lights layer.Crop out the bottles and place it in the middle as shown below.Duplicate the top layer with the dancer.Resize it smaller and place it just behind the dancing figures.Select the move tool from the toolbar and move the dancer to the middle right like shown in the image below.You can rotate or resize the shape if you want to a better result, just press (ctrlt).Download the High Res Ink Splatter Brushes from Muzika08.Choose Layer New Fill Layer Gradient.Paint a few white smoke with the brushes you downloaded.Step 15 Add a shadow to the spotlight Grab the selection of the dancer.Create a layer mask and use a soft light gray brush, layer Opacity.Step 7 Make one more layer below the abstract lines layer.Burn Tool (O) if you need add more darkness to the ground.You can get the photo from here: p?id3519756.Change the blending mode of the new layer to Color.
I didnt publish an abstract tutorial for a long time but today Im bringing you a really cool tutorial written by Ricardo a Brazilian graphic artist who has a passion for abstract designs.