nabi 2 tablet games

Jelly Bean Version(4.1) Install via fastboot unless otherwise noted.
IF YOU ARE NOT comfortable attempting ANY modifications AND taking THE risks involved then please DON'T DO them.
Youve got a smartphone and youve got an iPad or an Android tablet and your kid wants to excel password cracking software use it all the time.
Staying Connected -nabi Konnect: Connect with family and friends with kid-friendly and safe instant messaging, email and photo sharing apps.This strange little beast is ready and raring to go starting with a lovely kid-oriented user interface that makes it near-impossible for them to get lost or have trouble working with their favorite app.Kids can now find the following folders and apps in nabi Mode: Featured: nabi Play, nabi Web Browse: Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser, Fooz Kids Websites, Fooz Kids Crafts Watch: Cartoon Network, Cookie Jar, Fooz Kids Videos Learn: Fooz Kids English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Kno.The way you get out of Kidz Mode is through the questionably titled Daddy Mode which, as you may have guessed, leads you to a basic version of Android.NO "ONE" developer OR member here IN will BE held liable FOR YOU bricking, damaging AND/OR making your device fail OR function properly.Fuhu's child-safe Android ecosystem, dubbed Nabi mode, runs on top of Android.0.4 "Ice Cream Sandwich" and looks similar to the interface found on the original Fuhu tablet.This device will be available in July (soon!) for just 199.99 from a variety of online and offline retailers.Being the predecessor for their first nabi tablet, what makes the nabi 2 tablet come together is Fuhu's notable partnership with major companies like nvidia, Dreamworks Animation, Cartoon Network, Cookie Jar Entertainment, Sunburst Digital, and 7digital which packed the tablet with a lot of intuitive.After that youll find a rather clean set of games, learning apps, and art pallets.The home screens are grouped by content type, so you have all your games in one place and all your learning tools in another.The downside here is that you do not have access to the Google Play app store as this device is not Google certified. The preloaded MeeGenius app comes with 30 preloaded chidrens' books with audio tracks for reading along.The mini hdmi out also worked fine for playing videos on an hdtvs at up to 1080p resolution.On our battery rundown test, which loops a video with screen brightness set to maximum, and Wi-Fi switched on, the Nabi 2 lasted an impressive 7 hours, 42 minutes.NFC: No, gPS: No, camera, video out: Not Known, camera: 2MP, secondary Camera: None Battery Battery: 3,850 mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Other features Additional Features: The nabi 2 is a full-featured Android tablet that was designed, developed and made for kids by the company Fuhu, Inc.