jewels of the oracle

One feature that would have improved the game a great deal would have been the ability to save the game during a puzzle-solving segment.
It's supposed to be relaxing.Each jewel represents a puzzle device belonging to one of six divisions of the city.Myst and, the 7th Guest.The game combines both old logic puzzles that have been around awhile with a handful of new and refreshing ones that are quite innovative.Enjoyment: A great puzzle solver game.The artwork is terrific and captures the mood of the era nicely.The programming was completed with Macromedia Director, using a Beta version of the PC version which also was released that same year (1995).Some puzzles are easy depending on what kind of observation skills the player has, but some are very, very difficult in order to provide a serious challenge to experienced puzzlers.In fact, this penguins of madagascar pc games slowness is one of the more serious flaws in the game, but fortunately the game includes the option to turn off the walking mode and rely on a "Stills Mode" (basically turning off the video segments).There are no timers or adrenaline pumping stress moments and no competitions.A major gripe with the game is the absolutely terrible manual as it does nothing to explain what little action there is to do in the game (like taking a jewel back to the Oracle's room).To this end, they established a training center where anyone could hone their skills of logic and reason.Discis Knowledge Research and later by, dreamCatcher when Discis went out of business.Contact:, done.002 seconds.Replay Value: Several puzzles have multiple solutions and the very nature of the game provides satisfying replay possibilities.This teeny-tiny article needs some work.There is minimal exploring in the underground chamber but you will need to visit various rooms that branch off from the initial chamber and movement, although not an integral part of the game, can be a bit choppy and slow at times.No recent wiki edits to this page.It does not matter which version is played.