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However, determining whether something is fake or real isnt always easy.
She was met with the same baffling conundrum as other Apple die-hards who rush to procure the latest release: Why the hell cant you use the iPhone 7s Lightning connector headphones with the new MacBook Pro?
To listen to music on anything else, like your computer, or even an older iPhone, youll need to tote around another pair of headphones.By routing audio through the Lightning port, the phone can play higher quality, 24-bit audio files, also known as high-res audio, which permits you to listen to studio-quality music.Read more Read, removing the.5mm headphone jack was was a positive change, by some metrics.After all, Apple makes its own adapters for a variety of older interfaces (for instance, VGA port adapters for mirroring your iOS device on a monitor).Check out their full list of tips here.Using your old.5mm headphones with your iPhone 7 is still possible, but requires the.5mm-to-Lightning adapter that comes included with the new iPhone.You can also use sites like.The web game displays actual news stories that have been published around the web, along with source information.Its a fun way to spend a few minutes, and you (or the :cough: family member you send this to) might learn something in the process.When the MacBook Air debuted without an optical drive, the companys external SuperDrive optical drive eased the transition.The game was made by a team at American University as a way to show people how to detect fake news.Color Code Cords and Ports to Avoid Confusion.In short, your.5mm headphones and their traditional headphone jack were out, and and either you used the EarPods that came with the phone, you bought a new pair of Lightning headphones, or you went wireless with.
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Apples Lightning connector is convenient for Apple, but not so much for the rest.