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Rachel calls Tan right away, then fumes when the virtual horse games withouting phone is shut off.
Close Continue, share, tweet, add to Favorites, add to Watchlist 122877.The inappropriate story gets both ladies fuming, so when Dad joins them, Mom does them all a favor by excusing Young-do from dinner.Eun-sang gets paranoid and drags Tan down the street by the wrist, not wanting to risk running into the familys Second Son (Oh, the familys really good-looking Second Son?Won is greeted at his hotel with the message that he has a guest waiting in his room, and bristles to hear that its his brother.Grace: Musings of a Twinkie.Thats one way to put.Tan trudges back to his room, burdened with this newsnow it makes sense why Eun-sang hates Jeguk Group.Won is even more determined to hate Tan, and Tan.poor thing.You are watching Korea Drama, the Heirs - - Episode 5 English Subbed in high quality with fast streaming for free on FastDrama.Figuring its the quickest way to get rid of him, she gives him the number, and Tan calls right away to request her number.Right now I feel like I can anticipate exactly what kind of reception Eun-sang will receive at the school, and who will step in to help and who will antagonize.Eun-sang doesnt see it as the heavenly boon her mother does and protests: Going to a school as ritzy as Jeguk High School is out of their meansthey cant even afford the uniforms.After all, Jeguk is a name thatll open doors for her, and she admits to occasionally envying Chan-young for being able to attend.She checks her phone for updates while drinking water, wondering at all the fuss, unaware that hes watching from just outside amidst a burgeoning personal crisis.Eun-sang tells Chan-young about her transfer possibility, and by now shes come around to the idea that maybe she should.