half life 2 walkthrough pc dark energy

Kill the Combines, and use the turrets to destroy the helicopter.
From there, you can jump down to the streets.It's a good time to start shooting.A train will appear on the other side, but if you use turbo, you should be able to make it without getting hit.Loading the title screen takes ages.If you already want to get the crowwbow, climb the hill you find around here.However, the Antlions are afraid of the devices that'll stomp on the ground.Barney dressed up as Civil Protection (a Combine but he's your friend, really.Just keep going until you end up in a room where nothing is heard.Loading* You'll end up in a room where Alyx will tell you you'll have to defend yourself.When you are all the way at the top, bc msp application status remove the core to lower the field.Hide under the platform, and find a container.A Vortigaunt will appear, and will open the Antlion Warrior for you.Go there for supplies.You'll eventually find the door that was locked from the other side.Now drive to town and leave the Buggy.