gross domestic product per capita canada provinces and territories

Rank, country, gDP (USD Billion 2015 5, the United Kingdom 2,848.76 6, france 2,421.68 7, india 2,073.54 8, italy 1,814.76.
Although three quarters of Canadian citizens are employed by the service sector, Canada is unique for the importance of its primary sector.
The average GDP adjusted to PPP per capita in the last 10 years was 41,379.33 (USD).It is often used to calculate changes in a countrys standard of living.GDP Canadian Provinces and Territories by GDP.The expenditure approach measures the flow of total spending on final goods and services in the economy and adds up its components.The Continents Of The World Per Capita GDP -.In addition, any illegal or black market economic activities are also not included ( see Underground Economy ).Durable goods 148,723, semi-durable goods 82,507, non-durable goods 273,422, services 648,871, other 28,632, investments 384,644 19, residential structures 154,045.Canada is a popular exporter of oil and refined products.Agriculture and manufacturing account for just over 10 per cent of output.Location of Canada on a map.Health Canada Provincial Data Generates Investment Ideas.As Figure 2 illustrates, there have been periods where real per capita GDP has declined.The Northwest Territories has the highest and the Prince Edward Island has the lowest GDP per capita in Canada.The Problem With Canada's Unsustainable Health System.Figure 4 bingo players l amour illustrates that by 2016, Canadas economy had become much more diversified, with services in finance, insurance and real estate, business management, professional and technical services, public administration, accommodation and food services, health care and social assistance, education, information, arts, entertainment and culture, and.First, it only counts activities that have a market price and as a result it omits the value of any unpaid activities such as housework, do-it-yourself or volunteer activity.Manufacturing was the next largest sector and accounted for 21 per cent of GDP ( see Industrialization in Canada ).Provinces and Territories by GDP.The income approach estimates GDP by measuring the value of all the incomes that are generated in producing goods and services.Figure 2 GDP has also been constructed so as to provide estimates of the value of output of specific sectors of the economy.