exchange 2010 outlook web app change password

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Pay attention to detail and examine the Members and MemberOf tabs.
Choose Use forms-based authentication and then choose a logon format, in this example User name only.
Hi, I'm in a college were I migrated their systems to Exchange 2010.Seek and zap unwanted user accounts.Username Only with this option the Exchange administrator specifies a default domain for OWA logons, and users in that domain can logon with username only. .Maximum password age 185 days, minimum password age 1 day, minimum password length 7 characters.If offline access to files is required, you must select a different remote-access method to Exchange Server. .Mail-enabled public folders if your users need an easy way to post.Create your own email signatures.Summary of Exchange Server 2010 OWA Think about what these three words mean - Outlook Web App. .Whereas technologies such as POP3 haven't changed much in ten years, the OWA 2010 client has improved out of all recognition from the clunky featureless product in OWA.5. .Forms-Based Authentication this method uses a sign-in webpage on the server to collect logon credentials. .Make sure that there is Windows 2010 Global Catalog server near the Exchange 2010 server. .Topics for Exchange OWA 2010, rationale, Who Benefits from OWA 2010?Here's our problem, users who want to change their password trough OWA get this error "The password you entered doesn't meet the minimum security requirements.", even if users are respecting the minimum security requirements.I've done the following so far: - Validated certificat(issued from enterprise CA) - Tried deleting Outlook profile and recreate it - Set-OutlookProvider expr still, users are being prompted for password in Outlook for no reason.