excel shortcut keys 2007

Name* Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard.
CtrlShift6 Format number in scientific format.
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F3 Displays the Paste Name dialog box.AltF8: displays the Macro dialog box to create, run, edit, or delete a macro.Ctrlf5 restores the window size of the selected workbook window.CtrlAltShiftF9 rechecks dependent formulas, and then calculates all cells in all open workbooks, including cells not marked as needing to be calculated.CtrlF9: minimizes a workbook window to an icon.CtrlShiftHome extends the selection of cells to the beginning of the worksheet.Move the focus to commands on the ribbon.If editing a formula, toggle Point mode off or on so you can use arrow keys to create a reference.Altspacebar displays the Control menu for the Excel window.CtrlShifttilde Apply the Currency format with two decimal places (negative numbers nikon capture nx2 keygen mac in parentheses).AltN Open the Page Layout tab and work with themes, page setup, scale, and alignment.CtrlPage Up moves to the previous sheet in a workbook.Note: If an action that you use often does not have a shortcut key, you can record a macro to create one.Keyboard memorex portable cd player radio shortcuts that begin with ctrl will still work in Excel 2010.End agile adoption patterns a roadmap to organizational success pdf mode is shown in the status bar when it.Ctrlshift: Enters the current time.CtrlF2: displays the print preview area on the Print tab in the Backstage view.Ready to test your skills in Excel?Press e KeyTips are displayed over each feature that is available in the current e above image was excerpted from Training on Microsoft Office Online.
Ctrlgf5 also displays this dialog box.
CtrlPage down Move between work sheets in the same document.