ebay motors fee calculator 2013

Since he is bidding on only 1 item, QuantitySold is set.
QuantitySold int Optional This field is used to specify the hyperdimension neptunia episode 1 quantity of the item.
Please see Making a Call.
If the item has not yet been sold, insurance information cannot be calculated and the value.00.If you create an Exclude Ship-To List, it is, by default, in effect when you list items.You need to use a version that is greater than or equal to the lowest supported version.SalesTaxState string Conditionally State or jurisdiction for which the sales tax is being collected.This maximum shipping time does not include the seller's handling time, and the clock starts on the shipping time only after the seller has delivered the item to the shipping carrier for shipment to the buyer.If the ShippingIrregular field is passed in the CalculatedShippingRate container and in the ShippingPackageDetails container, the value in the ShippingPackageDetails container will take precedence.799 (doc change The bitdefender total security 2014 offline installer with crack description clarifies that a seller can offer up to four domestic shipping services and up to five international shipping services.To ensure that user authentication tokens are secure and to help avoid a user's token being compromised, tokens have a limited life span.InsuranceDetails, InsuranceFee, InsuranceOption, InternationalInsuranceDetails, InsuranceWanted, ShippingInsuranceCost (modified Sellers dreamweaver cs5 32 bit crack can no longer give buyers the option to purchase shipping insurance for either domestic or international items.With request version 665 and higher: (a) if the lower cost would result from the promotional shipping (instead of another shipping service being offered the savings is reflected in the returned shipping cost; (b) the shipping service named Promotional Shipping Service (or whatever is the.Errors ErrorType Conditionally, repeatable :.* A list of application-level errors (if any) that occurred when eBay processed the request.ShippingServiceCutOffTime dateTime Conditionally The last time of day that an order using the specified shipping service will be accepted by the seller.When a serious application-level error occurs, the error is returned instead of the business data.Repeat this element in the call request for each location that you want to exclude as a shipping destination for your item.In this case, eBay returns a normal, successful response and also returns the warning.When returned by GetItemShipping, it includes the packaging and handling cost.