dora games for 3 year olds

Cheese Bugs: Slice cubes of cheese and add thin, curling snacks (like the type seen in the photo).
Hang bouquets of tissue paper flowers, streamers, and balloons, in colors of red, yellow, purple, turquoise, and orange.
To make bigger shakers, don't fold the plate in half, just turn a second plate upside down and staple it to the first around the edges.When the kids come running back to you, they'll be gamehouse farm frenzy 3 ecstatic to see the treats that are waiting for photoshop cs 8 portable indowebster them!Icebreaker Activities, when the kids arrive, take their "passports stamp them with a special birthday stamp you can create beforehand, and get them going with any of these activities: *Binocular Craft: Have the kids take two toilet paper rolls, styrofoam cups, etc., and glue.They can also put a flower bead in the center of the string for a bracelet just like Dora's!Then frost everything with white icing (tinted purple with red and blue food coloring).Use objects from around your house, such as chairs for the slippery rock, cardboard boxes with sandpaper for icky-sticky sand.Here's a complete page with lots of Dora the Explorer party ideas.This awesome tiger and zebra patterned gossamer is one of the best (and most inexpensive) investment you'll make for your party.The kids then feel for an object inside the backpack, and need to guess what it is without looking (they get to keep their object as a prize).It can also be fun for the kids if every clue or every other clue they find a special favor like stickers or other small, theme-related favors.We had the binocular craft at my daughter Maya's 3rd birthday and it was a hit.Since this candy is processed with carbon dioxide, it will crackle, pop, and split when it comes into contact with the green punch.