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However, any jailbreak will slightly bog down lotus 123 compatible with windows 8 your iPhone if you have Winterboard installed.
Just hold down for a couple seconds then let.These tips always lead to post ideas and today were going to tackle how to change your iPhones desktop/SMS background.Now, for people using an iPhone 3GS like myself, I must admit even after being jailbroken, the phone is still blazing fast.Go to SettingsWallpaperchoose any photo.Tap the left i icon: set your SMS background.Bluebowmn: i dont have i's!The solution was to uninstall Winterboard.Ezekiel Samar: Same here but i think the respringing of your device will help ya for.I also want to notify you that alot of people also have this problem.FiveIRows, fullPreview genesis4iphone iAccounts iAcces4 iBlueNova, iconoclasm, icon Harvester, iconSupport, infiniboard.Joshua Sebastien: i love bad bitches, crissy Stanislaus: thank.Just only recently start looking for a school to make things "official".Tap the right i icon: set your homescreen background.Tutoriale i jocuri interesante: Does this make the device lag?Recently a new app was released.Infinidock, insomnia Pro iPhoneModem iPodPop, kirikae, liveClock, lockdown, lSRotator, maps Enhancer mAdvLock.Nitin Bhardwaj: Thaaaaaannnnnnnkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyooooooouuuuuuuu, senisonfire: 2013 i win, tanner: so for some reason i downloaded this tweak and it just isnt working.
Well, it lets you add a background wallpaper to your desktop and SMS backgroundwithout the installation of Winterboard!