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Dire Gnosis Date Converter - featuring the usb charging station 6 port pink boxes shown on this page, all in a concentrated format that can be downloaded to work offline ( file;save as ) - Mayan Long Count, Tzolkin, Haab; Gregorian; Julian day; modified Julian day; Julian date; Islamic; Persian and Hebrew calendars.
Some idiot, who claims he is a " trend forecaster predicted an economic Obamageddon would occur in 2012.
Surrounding and approaching The Day at The Alter, experts and devotees, go on and on, espousing the mystical properties and the mysterious spiritual power of The Maya Calendar, then talking about some specific date in their one part of the bigger Maya Calendar.This is known as a "calendar round." As a result the Maya could only record dates for 18,980 days (about 52 years note 1 one for each day in the round, which should have seen the average Mayan through most of his or her life.Lets take a stab at grocking the Maya Calendar(s). .(See also Online Maya Glyph Dictionary : The Mayan pronunciation is given audibly for each glyph - just hold your cursor over the glyph.OK for AD; BC dates are 1 day out (.0) is 10th August -3113 instead of 11th "Prior" and "Next Day" buttons OK for AD only.We sleept-in all 4 days enjoying time with the new nietecito in Colorado.It was previously 6 months out!Is the world in any way more unusual than it was before?JD to Julian date pre 1582 and vice versa; JD to Gregorian date and vice versa post 1582.Occultist /comic book writer Grant Morrison regularly referenced the possibility of a 2012 apocalypse in his work, although usually in an Age of Aquarius -style paradigm shift rather than a literal end of the world scenarioit was the major plot device used in The Invisibles.Wembley Arena.12.12 to experience, the Big Om mass sound healing event an event with the power at a quantum level to shift the vibration of the planet which will be live-streamed around the world.
Unnnnngh I just realized that many folks may not have previous experience manipulating the Maya Calendars, and the previous comments about the first Long Count date.0 (aka The Day: 4-Ajau 8-Kumku and the upcoming Day: 4-Ajau 3-Kankin Dec 21, 22nd, 23rd, or 24th, 2012.
It needs 348k of RAM but 1mg is recommend." update: chac.09 For Apple MAC computers : Improved version of the above NEW!