dawn of war ultimate apocalypse mod campaign

There are 2 Relics(1 Cathedral,1 Factory) and 10 Strategic Flags.
It uses free-access models and textures.
Insomniax Landspeeder This is a texture replacement for the Space Marines Landspeeder vehicle.
Computers tend to be a little bit of a headache because of their insane micro-management skills.Sounds rather dreary but it actually makes for interesting gameplay as far as I'm concerned.This map has 13 strategic flags, seven strategic objectives, five relics and five slag deposits.This is a fairly restrictive map, i wanted to have a canyon look to it, not sure if ive pulled it off If you play this as a rush map i dont think your going to get much fun out.Assortment of Motorcycle Banners (1.0) 5 banners made from Photoshop made for dawn of war made from motorcycle pictures from the internet.Arx Haustrum This map is designed for 8 players on 4 teams.That is, to those who are Star Wars deficient, a red, dusty, Mars like, hilly, rocky terrain.Player one save game call of duty modern warfare 3 starts in a dust-covered town, while hunger games minecraft save players 2 and 3 will start in a dried-up oasis.Khornes Realm Map This is a damned place.Can you stop this evil in their tracks?Many races' transports have been shot down from the sky and crashed in a big clearing in the trees.Ultramarines Icon Pack (1.0) This icon pack includes, Full set of Custom Unit Icons, Full set of Custom Vehicle Icons, Full set of re-colored Building Icons, and Company Champion re-skin.Dawn of War Malhallen VI (1.0) Map In this map, there are 2 start points - one at the opposite end of each other.One side of the river is a rocky mountainous area while the other is forested zone.Kessel This version is much more detailed and is designed for 2on2 or 4on4 matches.It's a destroyed city with loads of ramps to different levels.
Random Football B B Random Football B B is a collection of football badges and banners for all you football holligans out there.