bravely default strategy guide

Save WM game pes 2014 untuk psp iso MP - Lowers the cost of White Magic spells.
Level 3 - Heal 30 times.This guide will cover everything about Spiritmaster including: Unlocking Spiritmaster: How to unlock the job.Theres something to be said about that, even about someone like Ringabel.Battles will also gain you job points, which will help your characters advance in jobs.Costs two extra BP to use.Spoilers, mild Sexual Content, on the subject of Ringabel, we find that hes something of a ladies man.Raises BP by one for everyone with -1 BP or less.Level 8 Stillness - Nullifies all damage to done to allies and enemies for two turns.Cant go wrong with that.Positive Content Despite the laundry list of negatives, there are some positive bits to gather from Bravely Default.Special Moves : Which are best suited for Spiritmaster.Combat Tips : Being most effective in battle.Level 13 Enigma - Nullifies all elemental damage done to all allies for four turns.Theres also some lengthy dialogue about sexy clothes, such as what constitutes sexy.Theres also talk about more than one spirit existing inside a person. .As a Spiritmaster you will be healing and Staves have healing Special Moves.Level 10 Greater Spirit Ward - Halves all elemental damage done to all allies for four turns.Spiritual Content: Crystals portrayed as religious objects, dialouge mentions gods and prayer, enemies classified as demons and undead, one character is implied to be a witch, player jobs include Vampire and Dark Knight, plot revolves around an 'evil god' and mentions two spirits in one.
This violence is bloodless however, and when characters are defeated, they either vanish or slump over.
The Crystal Orthodoxy isnt the only religion seen either.