better touch tool windows snapping

I think it's everything Better Snap Tool can do, only way more, like customizing trackpad gestures and tons of other inputs types to do custom things.
As of OS.11 El Capitan, Mac users do too.
Originally written to replace them due to some limitations in how each work, it attempts to overcome them by simply being extremely configurable.It does edge-snapping to halfs or quarters, and can do the same through the menu bar menu.There is no shortage of apps to help you arrange windows.For all the suggestions.Window" local fnutils require "mjolnir.Ctrl key will also resize the other one.Phoenix aims for efficiency and a very small footprint.You can use it in conjunction with a keyboard-shortcut-based window manager together, although you may end up preferring one or the other.Honorable Mentions: For The Hardcore There is a whole variety of lower-levels tools for doing window management, but also more "productivity" related things.Most Windows (the operating system) users I know quite like the built-in abilities it has to position windows, but there isn't as much of that built into.You place crysis 1 game for pc windows where you want them, the save/name/apply shortcut to it so you can snap back to it whenever you want.ShiftIt looks like it's in the same boat.You can add custom menus to buttons for custom click-types.
Its an easy and powerful way to modify the layout of several tiled windows.
The key commands are also customizable in the preferences.