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Alphabet Sounds Learning App, the newest edition to reach out worldwide 2013 our word study app collection!
Kids get good spelling practice while working on listening skills and building their vocabulary.
You, as the teacher, can learn the letter sounds quickly and accurately before teaching your student.Simplex Spelling Lite enhances understanding in a variety of students as it appeals to audio, visual and tactile learners.Well, imagine what happened to me just recently!Four levels of interactive play, based on how children develop in their awareness of letter sounds.Here are a few shots of those games: bingo Game from Level 1 beginning sounds touch the beginning letter sound of the image pictured to try and get three in a row.The possibility to choose uppercase or lowercase letters.As kids drag and drop letters into boxes to spell the object featured, they can practice sounding out letters with the phonics feature or hear the actual letter names as they're placed or go all out and turn off the sound.Features clear enunciation of the sounds of the 26 alphabet letters.Like our other word study apps, there is a FUN section.Each character leads a cute mini-game; kids earn a sticker to play with in the sticker activity when they finish a game.When they've completed a packet of phonemes and word constructions, they get a number of stars (from one to three) based on how well they traced the letters and how many mistakes they made choosing phonemes to form the words.View in iTunes Read review Simplex Spelling with Reverse Phonics: Lite Price: Free Grade level: Pre-K, K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Skill: Phonics Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Simplex Spelling Lite is designed to improve spelling and reading skills in a fun and interactive way.ABC Expedition is an app designed to help children with their alphabet.Its fun, balloon-popping marble blast full game pc format will intrigue toddlers and preschoolers and keep them engaged for quite a while, and they will be building a host of important skills in addition to hearing the sounds of English, French, Spanish or Italian.Another app in the series, Endless Spanish, is ideal spelling practice for both native English and Spanish speakers.View in iTunes Read review PocketPhonics Stories Price:.99 Grade level: Pre-K, K, 1st, 2nd Skill: Phonics Device: iPad PocketPhonics Stories is a comprehensive phonics program to teach kids to read.The skills are vital for developing reading and spelling proficiency.
View in iTunes, read review abc PocketPhonics, price:.99, grade level: Pre-K, K, 1st.