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Em7/A x02033 Dsus4/B x20033 Am7/G jeremyyy 11/24/2003 Chords are t capo on 1st fret and it's exactly as the.
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Can someone please explain it?dspencer 2/24/2004 I love this song.JoeWallace 1/4/2004 I agree, Ken good job!thefoxxx 4/13/2004 Hey everyone how is it going.Intro, g, em7, cadd9, d (verse 1 g Em7.We are using cookies to make this website better.These Chords work for all those that doubt it and the writer is brilliant because this is such an exceptunally hard vcd karaoke player software song to tab given the Cadd9 and suspended chords which are not normal every day chords guitarists play.I like it, i love it - southafrican 10/9/2004 This tabs is absolutely awesome.brandiwhite19 10/13/2004 Good'un ms office home and business 2013 oem always.Beleive me I know, because I am the back-up acoustic player for Alan.G Em C D, remember when I was young and so were you.